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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We took Sarah and her Mom to a few "nooks" in the neighborhood and had a blast. Sarah was FABULOUS to work with and the results are just stunning. I LOVE the last image of Sarah and her Mom. Very nice ladies. I look forward to showing you aaaaaaaall of them!


Anonymous said...


Thank you soooo much for yesterday!! Sarah and I had a blast!!! I can't believe how exausting a photo shoot can be and I didn't do anything!!!! Sarah fell asleep on the way home (to hockey pic's).
The picture of Sarah and I tells the perfect story of the two of us. Thanks for capturing it!!
Thanks to Betsy too she made Sarah laugh alot!!
You are an incredible photographer thank you for the beautiful memories. Karen

Kathleen Smith Photography said...

Thanks Karen. Thank you very much.