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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roxanne and Paul

Another fabulous wedding from The Photographer's Guild!
Roxanne and Paul were married on a crisp October afternoon in a church nestled among oak trees, evergreens and rolling hills. The romantic atmosphere didn't end there - the reception hall took my breath away; soft candlelight, fabulous music, rose petals everywhere! The best part of the day? Roxanne and Paul were surrounded by family and friends.
Congratulations you guys - I loved every minute!

Tammy and Doug

The rain and snow this past Friday could not dampen the spirits of this bridal party! The absolutely GORGEOUS bride, Tammy and handsome groom, Doug were married at the Historic Stillwater Courthouse. Every window, porch, hallway, and staircase offered the perfect setting for pictures. They had a candlelight ceremony in the ballroom followed by a quick jaunt into Stillwater where the bride was "stolen"! These are just a few of my favorites - enjoy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fiona sneak peek!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mike sneak peek!

We met up with Mike at a park for his senior pictures. Mike was easy going and had some ideas of his own that were incorporated into the session - those made for some wonderful images! Because it's been so busy, I've only been showing a "sneak peek" from my sessions. I will offer more from those sessions ASAP. :) Great job Mike!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


It figures the one weekend I didn't bring my camera up to the cabin, something marvelously funny happens! Our propane wall heating unit would not stay lit. It was as if something was clogging the intake/outtake thing or there wasn't enough gas getting in. Well, Jeff did as much as he felt comfortable with then called in the experts. Mike from Gravelle's Heating and Plumbing came over. He too had the same results with the initial look ... then it happened ... Mike started taking the INSIDE of the insides apart. When he unscrewed a door, it sounded like someone had opened up a jar of marbles and let them fall to the floor ... that sound was from ACORNS! THOUSANDS of acorns were stored inside the heating unit! They were packed in there so tight, I'm surprised the unit didn't crack! Jeff and I were laughing so hard, Mike had never seen anything like it before, and the kids were running around picking up the nuts. Not until later that night after talking to someone else who experienced the same thing did I realize how dangerous the incident could have been ... but the sight reminded me of the beginning of Ice Age ... when that prehistoric squirrel packed one too many nuts in his tree and the world cracked - thus explaining the creation of the 7 continents from Pangaea. After this weekend, I could see where that might be a possibility!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Henseler Orthodontics

Armed with my point and shoot camera and a bundle of nerves, Jack and I made our way into Dr. Henseler's office. The staff at Henseler Orthodontics was awesome and went above and beyond making sure that Jack and I knew what was happening and what to expect. Dr. Henseler personally called Jack that evening to see how he was doing! Jack is doing just fine.
By the way, Henseler Orthodontics is sponsoring a "Buy Back Halloween Candy" program! Simply bring in your trick-or-treat candy November 2 - 5 between 8am - 5pm and receive $2 per pound of candy! The candy they collect is donated to the troops overseas or to 2nd Harvest Heart Land Food Shelf ... now that's cool! Henseler Orthodontics is a wonderful example of a business giving back to its community!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jess and Nate sneak peek!

We met with Jess and Nate on a brisk October afternoon ... so brisk in fact we had the first snowfall of the 2009 winter season! Jess and Nate were total troopers and snuggled close to keep warm. It made for some FANTASTIC engagement pictures. We cannot WAIT to photograph their August wedding!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Addison sneak peek!

Addison has been coming to the studio every 3 months since she was 3 months old ... my how time has flown! She is such a young lady now and I was so glad to have her back in for her
1 year birthday pictures! Happy Birthday Addison!!! From picking your head up to tummy rolls, sitting up and now learning to walk - it has been a pleasure capturing your first year milestones!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Houlihan Family sneak peek!

After 4 days of constant downpour, we finally had a day of sunshine! Just in time too because the Houlihan family came to have their family portrait done and these are just a few of my favorites from the group selection! Everyone of them is incredibly photogenic and very easy going. There are numerous images that will be posted soon so stop back! Great job you guys -
I can't wait for you to see the final images!


Have you ever tried to play tennis in the dark ... truly in the dark; without court lights?
Well, after a hard day at school and homework to boot, Jack wanted to play so off we went ...
the tennis didn't last too long but the laughing did.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Tonight was Ryan's first swim meet as a SEMS team member! The focus she exhibited tonight was amazing. We are very proud of her.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dylan sneak peek!

Dylan came in for a studio session and was very polite and patient while his Mom and I discussed the much anticipated "New Moon" opening (November 20th by the way ... there's a midnight showing at the Carmike Theatre). He was such a sweetie and we had a very good time ~ YOU ROCK DYLAN! More images to come!