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Monday, June 8, 2009

Bird Sanctuary

This is so cool! I created a bird sanctuary outside my office window! Fountain, plants, bird feeder and bird house. The fountain was bought...I'm not that handy. The plants are transplants from around the was becoming a jungle out there! The bird feeder is new since the one I originally planned on using had mold in it. I figured that wouldn't be healthy for the feathered friends. The bird house is a number of years old that I painted while pregnant with Ryan. I made a bunch of them for Christmas gifts and painted one for myself. It already has a nest in it so I wasn't sure if another bird would use it. Sure enough, this cute little brown bird with a super long beak came over and started cleaning house...LITERALLY! In and out for at least 10 minutes, she took all the old feathers out! I have to look up and see what kind of bird she is. Surely the beak will give me a clue. I've never seen one like it. Super cool. The bummer...the blinds have to be closed while doing some of the work - but the window can be left open so I can hear the fountain. Hopefully I'll be able to hear the pitterpatter of little baby bird feet! I will keep you posted. The picture is the view from my office window.

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