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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Congratulations Ice Breakers of Liberty Ridge!!!! Myself and 2 other teachers implemented Destination Imagination at Liberty Ridge Elementary this year and it was a HUGE success! Think of DI (Destination Imagination) as "Creativity 101"... a place where K - 12th graders explore the unlimited potentials of their imagination. DI is a non-profit program, developing the skills of teamwork, risk taking, goal setting, planning, organization, marketing, decision making, project management, and creative problem solving. Designed to tap into everyones' strengths, teams must find creative solutions to their problem! DI is global and in our first year, our team of seven 4th grade students came in 4th (out of 17 teams) in the regional competition this weekend, missing state by one placement!!! Stacey and I are so PROUD of our team!!!! Way to think things through!!!!!
By the way, I'm the Amazon woman on the left........

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