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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Cinderella Swing!

On a more personal note, Ryan and her friends and their Dads enjoyed the annual Cinderella Swing. I could not pass up this opportunity to document the preparations! Enjoy! :)

Jack reluctantly joined the ladies while they got their hair done.

Ryan picked out Jeff's tie.

Tim, Jaime, Ryan and Jeff let me snap one before they headed out to meet the other ladies and Dads. Thanks for posing you guys!

While the Dads and daughters were out dancing the night away to the Dweebs, Melissa and I took the boys out for pizza and some crazy fun!

The boys demonstrated for us how the girls were probably going to dance while the Pinos guys enjoyed the show ...

Alas, the boys let me snap a picture of them with their date!

The girls stayed 'til the Dweebs finished their last song. Rumor has it toilet paper was hung on a paint roller which was then attached to a leaf blower allowing the toilet paper to be precisely blown on stage; a sign from the young crowd of a job well done. It seems that the ingenuity of this contraption was quite the topic of conversation amongst the Dads ... lighters were left at home!

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