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Friday, January 23, 2009


Well, it took me 6 weeks, a call from my brother in OH, and Jeff's help for me to figure out how to press the "leave comment" button ... sad .... very sad ...very very sad actually... The good news is that you can now leave comments! Comments that will make my day and have me skipping down Raleigh Court in my purple robe. :)


Kathleen Smith Photography said...

i'm just leaving myself a comment to make sure it's working.

CJ/Carol said...


Wow, you have certainly been busy! Love the photos, they are just beautiful! You're just amazing!


Kathleen Smith Photography said...

Thanks Carol. I found my groove ... well, until I tried to figure out layering masks in CS3 ... then I was out of sinc for a day or two ... but all is well now! :)