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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Holidays!

YAHOO! You are reading my very first "post" on my very first "blog"! And guess what? I did it aaaaaaallll by myself! BIG HUG FOR ME! aaaaaaahahahah!! Apparently I created a blog last night that I had no idea I did until I received my "congratulations" from Google...that's how easy it was...but I quickly deleted everything and started from scratch and here we are! The blog will be used as a way for me to share with you my latest work. I get so excited about the images taken that I want to be able to share my favorites right away! This will also allow you to share those images with family and friends. How AWESOME is that?! You can see what my camera and I have been up to and some images I take just for fun. I take having fun very seriously! So here we go! Stop back often. : )

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